HP Printer Won’t Print in Black: How to Fix This Issue?

Errors in printer devices generally occur on time to time and “printer won’t print in black”, is a very common tale. However, error in printers may depend on various reasons. But when it occurs, frustrates the users on a great extent. Every printer user may face this issue once in a while, no matter which brand of printer device they use. HP printers are the best devices which come with extraordinary features at a reasonable cost. The users of HP also encounter this issue, but the HP Printer Support Number +1-800-238-1025 is available round the clock for users to resolve user’s problems. 

In this blog, we will be discussing the troubleshooting methods for this issue. Keep an eye on the below-given procedure. 

Fix HP Printer Won’t Print in Black Issue

Clean the Print head

HP printers with blocked print head nozzles don’t generally print black ink. Therefore, cleaning the print head can resolve the discussed error, as few HP printer users have confessed that this method works for them. 

However, cleaning a printhead may differ from model to model. You can generally follow the below-given steps to clean the print head:

  • Choose a deep cleaning or clean print head option from a Printer menu on a control panel. 
  • Choosing this option may print a page viewing few pattern outputs for several colors.
  • Hence, ensure that the paper is loaded in the printer before starting the process. If you need help, give a look at the printer’s manual for more exact details on how to clean its print head.

Check the HP Printer Ink Cartridge

  • First, Take out and swap ink cartridge if the ink is less or empty.
  • Now mention to the HP manual to check if the ink cartridges are correctly installed or not.
  • Cautiously remove the tape over the outlet of the recently installed cartridge.
  • Check if the outlet of the cartridge is blocked.
  • If there is a clog up use a pin to clear-out the vents.
  • In case it does not work, use a different ink cartridge to check your Printer is capable of recognizing it.

Use the Printer Troubleshooter

Windows contains a Printer troubleshooter which is potent enough to deal with printer’s errors. Consequently, using it might give few fixes for “HP printers won’t print issue”. Follow the procedures below to use the Printer troubleshooter.

  • Users of Windows 10 can use the Printer troubleshooter by tapping on the search bar
  • Type ‘troubleshoot’ in the box.
  • Now choose Troubleshoot to open the Settings app.
  • Choose the printer and tap Run the troubleshooter
  • Pick your HP printer model listed in the window.
  • Hit the Next button to fix the error with the troubleshooter.

In order to open the Printer troubleshooter in another version of Windows, open it using the command option, 

  • Press the Windows key + R switch. 
  • Now enter ‘Control Panel’ in the box, and tap the OK button.
  • Tap Troubleshooting to open the Control Panel.
  • Find your printer model and right-click the Printer and select Run as administrator.

These are the simple yet effective solutions to fix “HP printer won’t print black” issue. However, even after following the process, the issue stands still, do not feel blue. Call the HP Printer Customer Care Number +1-800-238-1025 for expert’s guidance, technicians are reachable 24/7. 

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