How to fix Quicken App not opening on Windows or Mac Computer?

Quicken Support Phone Number

Quicken is a financial utility that is capable of handling all the monetary events in one place making it easier to track saving and spending altogether. You can also create budgets, schedule payments and track investments. Another major benefit is that you can use Quicken for both Windows as well as Mac devices. However, sometimes it is possible to face certain issues while opening or using it. If you are also stuck in the same scenario, give a call to the specialists at Quicken Support Phone Number.

In this guide, you will get to know some troubleshooting techniques that will help you to fix the issues with the Quicken application. If Quicken keeps on shutting down itself repeatedly, this problem can hamper your work. The application may not open for so many reasons such as if it has got corrupted or it is facing complications with another software. It will also not work properly if the data file has got corrupted.

Try the given steps to check if you are able to fix this problem:

  • Launch the Quicken app and go to the ‘File’ option in the top left corner.
  • Choose the option ‘File Operation’ and proceed further.
  • Tick mark the boxes provided in the prompted window that has ‘print setup’ as an option.
  • Follow the instructions to reset and repair the data file.

If the Quicken application is not opening at all dial the Quicken Customer Service Number or follow these instructions:

  • Hit Windows + R keys simultaneously on the keyboard.
  • Type ‘appwiz.cpl’ and press Ok.
  • From the screen in front of you, go to Quicken.
  • Now, select the Quicken app and uninstall it.
  • After this, reboot your system and reinstall it.

After reinstalling the Quicken application, you can select the specific data file to open and check if you are able to do so. Normally the troubleshooting provided here is enough to deal with the problem with Quicken. You must be able to open and use Quicken after you have applied the given procedure.

For further help, you should dial the Quicken Technical Support Number and talk to the professionals about the problem you are facing while using Quicken.

As they are certified and experienced, they can definitely help you with the possible errors and issues with Quicken. Moreover, you can contact them anytime as they are available 24*7 for any sort of consultation and guidance purposes regarding Quicken.

Modify Account Register Preferences in Quicken for Better Experience!

Modify Account Register Preferences in Quicken for Better Experience

After creating a Quicken account, you receive a transaction register which lets you access the transaction register using which you can automatically and manually enter action to manage the balance of your account. It will also be handling purchases and payments. Also, one must change their system preference to make the Quicken work better. Quicken Customer Care Number lets you know more about this topic, just make a call whenever you feel like.

Here are some of the options that let you customize the account preferences in Quicken, by clicking on the register from the left pane, and access the Edit menu in Quicken. This way you can make changes to the right pane.

To apply the changes click OK

  • Place the decimal point automatically:

To save your time you need to automatically put the decimal point to two places to the left on any of the numbers. For example, type 65420 without decimal and will appear as 654.20 in the register. Dial Quicken Support Number if you want any help to use this feature on your Quicken application.

  • Use the pop-up register:

The pop-up register option can let you access more than one register at a time. If you want to select this option, make sure each register will automatically option with this.

  • Gray the reconciled transactions:

In case you want to look at the transactions appear in a different manner. Using this method, it will be quite easy to work with the transactions as the completed transactions will appear in a lighter color.

  • Change the date placement:

You can put the date and number before the check number and this way changing the position of date and number will become easier.

  • Memo before category:

Using this feature you can easily adjust the position of memory and category in the transaction register.

  • Fonts:

Using the Fonts option, the customization becomes much easier. The style and size of the fonts for all the transactions will be changed. With this option, you can easily adjust the appearance of transactions. You can choose Reset to restore the fonts if you are not happy with the changes.

  • Change colors:

If you want to play with the colors, you can simply change the color of the background using this option. You can set different background for different transactions to differentiate it in an easy manner. If you are not satisfied with the new color scheme, you can freely restore the original settings.

  • Remember register filters:

The register filters will allow viewing a few certain transactions, which are accessible in the View option under Register Toolbar. With these settings, you can keep the settings.

Dial Quicken Toll-Free Number and get help from the technical experts who are available 24X7 to support the troubled users.